Cody’s Bio

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Hi there, My names Cody, and I run this Blog with my father Willie.  Your here to learn a little bit about me!  Well, let me being.

My name is Cody, and I have been involved with Computers and technology my entire life.  I originally started out playing games like Reader Rabbit, and later moved onto Virtual Pet sites.  Well I played a virtual pet site in particular for quite some time throughout my childhood, and I’ll have to admit, it was A LOT of fun, however eventually it grew old.  At this point in time, I was 14 years old.  I began to have ambitions of starting my own virtual pet site, making money from kids buying upgrades, and just becoming a virtual pet site owner.  I had no clue about servers, programming, or anything, the closest thing to a website I had ever built was a simple drag and drop website.  So through my dads help, I purchased a domain name, and through my Mom and Dads help, I was able to scrape up enough funds for 4 years of hosting, which my parents generously loaned me until I could pay them back.  The hosting setting is what I would now classify as simple, however to my inexperienced mind I considered


Tommy Jordan: What we can learn from him

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Many of you may now recognize the name Tommy Jordan as the man who taught his daughter a valuable lesson about what she should, and should not post online.  However, instead of reporting to you the story which you have probably heard a billion times, I’m going to discuss with you what we can learn (From a Tech perspective) of this man.  First off, we know this mans not dumb.  He stated himself he has a background in I.T. (Information technology).  This can right off the bat tell us something.  Second, he promoted his PERSONAL facebook page inside the video, as opposed to a fan page.  Now some may argue that he did this by accident, simply trying to show the original post that he made about the video.  Now, personally, as opposed to this hero dad the world is seeing him as, I think of him as a marketing genius, and that’s what we are going to be looking at in this post.  But before you read on, if you havent seen the video, take a look-

Now, I am not going to run the risk of saying that the video is fake, because who can really know, however, I think his actions AFTER the video, do show some what of an internet marketing strategy.  First off, as I said above, he gave out his PERSONAL facebook profile, not a fan page.  Second, look at his posts!  There not personal at all, in fact today he stated that we was going to start promoting things again like “he used to”

And I quote

“I’ve spent the last four or five days being careful NOT to do exactly what I usually get on Facebook JUST to do:
-Promote my business
-Promote my wife’s business
-Promote other businesses I support.
-Promote my book
-Share stupid photos
-Promote charity fund raisers when I can.
-Post stuff that attracts more clients
-Post stuff that I find funny.
-Post stuff that makes me angry.
-Post stuff at 2 AM because I can’t sleep.

In a couple of days, whether the world at large has moved on or not, I’m going to.. and we’re going to. I’m going to plug Twisted Networx like I’ve been plugging it for the last five years on Facebook. I’m gonna share funny pictures of my kids and my dog (though I guess I have to be a lot more careful what I post now I suppose).”

So, he is straight up telling people he is going to start promoting himself, and his business.  Which I have no problem at all with, in fact I’m jealous of the fact that as soon as he posts a link, the sites servers shut down!  But in the end, the tale of Tommy Jordan is not about parenting, its about MARKETING, when one does a little research, you can find that M.r. Tommy is a Author…Hmm..I’m sure no author would reject such public attention.

5 tips to increase your Youtube success!

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YT marketing

So today for you I have a post with 5 tips regarding how to increase your Youtube success.  Now Youtube success is not just the amount of subscribers you have, but your friends, views, and your average likes, comments, and favorites.

Now you may be wondering how Youtube success is related to technology.  Well, the truth is, if you want to have success marketing your business, product etc. you need to use other forms of social media outside of Facebook and Twitter.  Youtube is the third most visited site in the world according to Alexa, Facebook being the 2nd and Google being the 1st.  While you may be wondering how can youtube bring me more hits, and customers the answer is quite simple.  Now before I give you the 5 tips, here is a couple of scenarios in which Youtube can help you to grow your business.

Scenario One-  You are a small business located…in San Francisco, you are a small restaurant, and you are looking to get more customers.  You already have the Twitter and Facebook logos placed in your store windows asking people to like and follow you, but why not add a Youtube sticker asking people to subscribe to you.

As a restaurant what type of videos can you do?  Well, its really limited to your imagination.  Here are a couple of examples I thought of.

1. Do a vlog!  A vlog=video blog.  A vlog is basically a video showing you, talking about something.  For some topic ideas, you could explain what your business is about, talk about a special deal you are having, or ask your customers a question.  Another idea is if you have a restaurant, maybe make a video with some recipes, and perhaps showing you prepare them.  This would give your customers a behind the scene look at your food, and give them ways to try it at home!

Important Note-Keep in mind that just because someone subscribes, It does not mean that they are a customer.  This person could subscribe simply because they thought your videos were funny, or informational.

Scenario Two- Now lets say that you run a corporation.  You can use many of the tips listed in Scenario one, to help market your product or company.  Vlogs are a great way to get others surrounded in your company, and tell them what its about, while still being entertaining.  Also, coming up with your own ideas not only feels more rewarding, but makes your company/brand/business stand out from the crowd.


Using “Comments” to market your business, company, or brand.

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The chances are, you have come to a webpage that offers you the chance to add a comment.  Often times, people ignore them, and then often times people abuse them.  However, in today’s post, I am going to be showing you how to properly use them, in a way that will generate traffic to your specified destination.  The 2 main types of comments I am going to be focusing on in this post are Youtube comments, and Blog comments, simply because that is what I am most familiar with.  First, I am going to start with Youtube comments.  Now, with these you want necessarily be able to drive direct traffic to your site, however you may manage to indirectly get people to visit your page.  So, lets say that the most trending video in all of the world right now is a video of a pony dancing.  Now, here’s the good thing.  Your comment, and the video, don’t need to have anything in common in order to drive traffic to your channel/site.  A lot of times, you will see individuals posting for people to check out there channel.  Honestly, you may get 1-2 clicks, out of the potential 100′s that you could gather.  You will also often times see people post advertisements in the comments, and then get 50 or so “Thumbs Up” votes, in order for it to appear first.  THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA, as it will make your ad, and business seem…cheap and spam like.  Always go for the real deal when it comes to marketing online.  What YOU can do, is post comments that are short, easy to read, and make sense.  Use proper grammar as well.  If you write a comment that’s good enough, it WILL get votes, which will lead to people checking out your channel (Videos) and then in turn checking out your website.  Remember, legit comments work better then “Plz plz plz check out my videos and website!”

Now for blog comments.  Blog commenting is a great way to bring in not only customers/readers/traffic but to generate backlinks!  If you stumble across a

blog about cooking, and your company or blog happens to be about cooking as well, leave a comment on their posts!  Don’t be spam-like in the comments either.  Say in the comments “I really enjoyed your blog, and your article about (Insert article name here)”  By saying the name of the article, you show the other

blog owner that you are not a spam bot.  Also, the key rule, include a link back to your site in the comment, just simply say “Check my blog out!” and not only will people clink the link, but you will get a backlink. Which I will teach you more

about in future posts”

I hope these tips have helped you!  If you have any questions or need points of clarification, just leave a comment!

The awkward first post!

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Hello to you potential reader.  My name is Cody, and here is our blogs first post, which is very awkward because you have no idea who I am, what this blog is, or what you are even doing here.

Well let me answers those questions for you.

Who I am- My name is Cody, or I sometimes go by C.J., I have been involved in different types of technology for a very long time, but my most prominent background is in Web Development (Programming) and scripting.  I run a multitude of sites, ranging from Social Networks, Video sharing websites, to this here blog.

Authors- Not only will I be authoring posts here, but my father will as well, which is a very neat treat!  I don’t want to provide to much background on him, as I believe he  plans to do an introduction post on himself in the future, but he will also be authoring posts for us.   As a…teaser…I will tell you that he specializes in Networking, and computer hardware (Meaning building computers) however he will give you a more descriptive background when he post’s.  He will post around once a week, and I will be posting 1-2 times a week, so there will always be fresh content!  I recommend you bookmark our site until we can get a Feedburner feed established, which I WILL be doing tomorrow .

What this blog is about- Ponies!  Just playing, this blog is dedicated to TECHNOLOGY!  On this blog you will find a wide variety of technology articles simply because the two of us (My dad and myself) specialize in so many different things!  However, to give some examples, you will find articles pertaining, but not limited to: Technology (duh), Hardware, Software, Tutorials for various parts of technology, internet marketing, tips and strategies to earn money online, networking information, Virtual servers & desktops, and so many more topics.  What has been listed is just to name a few.

So, here’s our first official post, I’m proud of myself for getting through it, Expect our next post to be some background information on my father.  I will also be making two pages on the blog, one a Bio of me, and the other of my father.

I am aware of a few bugs, such as the logo not fitting properly in the box, and I will get those taken care of most likely tomorow.

I have lost all of my wisdom!

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How’s it going guys?  Well this morning, I got my last two wisdom teeth pulled out.  Generally you have four wisdom teeth, however in the month of October 2011, I had already gotten my bottom two pulled out, thus meaning that this time I had t to get my top two pulled.  It’s not the most pleasant experience and unfortunately my 4 day weekend is going to be spent recovering from the surgery.  The good news for this is that it gives me lots of time to work!

Pretty neat huh?  So, in case you are not familiar with getting these teeth pulled, they basically knock you out, and then you wake up really tired and in pain.  Its not fun, but I’d rather suffer in pain for a few days then jack my teeth up, considering I’ve already had to have braces for two years!

Over the course of the next few days, when I am feeling alert and aware I am going to be doing some work on the site.  I am going to get the logo to fit properly, add some facebook integrated comments, as well as a box to the left (by the twitter widget) where you will be able to see our latest FB updates, and adding new plugins to make the blog have more features.  Seeing as I have the time, I will also be doing some HEAVY promoting via twitter, in an attempt to drive more traffic to the site.  Probably tonight, I will be setting up our feedburner feed which will allow you to subscribe to our posts via email as well as your favorite RSS reader.

Thats pretty much it for now guys, I appreciate you reading on whats going on with me.  I have some REALLY good ideas on an article to write and as I keep saying, hopefully my father will get something written!

Willie’s Bio

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Hi my name is Willie Marlin, currently I am the IT department for a small school district comprising of  2 elementary schools and one middle school with 100 staff and 1800 + students in the state of California, USA.  I also run my own small business East Bay Mobile Techs to provide network installations, computer repair, system and application support for other small business.  I have been involved in the IT industry in one way or another for well over 25 years.  I was a professional tool maker for 19 years and designed robots to bring automation into the manufacturing industry.

In 2010 I was asked to be a quest speaker and presenter at the Technology & Learning conference in Arizona.  While at the conference I was nominated as one of the top 20 to watch in technology within a school district in the United States for my deployment of the second largest VMware View the country.  Along with that I was credited with the second largest deployment of a thin client solution using 600 Wyse corporations V10L devices.  I have been interviewed by several technology related magazines regarding the deployment including Ed Tech Magazine and T.H.E. Journal.

I have been asked to write for World Tech Blog and provide insightful information encompassing all the aspects of past, present and future technology.  My goal on here is to provide the readers with a vast assortment of information and experiences that will include the good, the bad and the ugly!  I hope you will share in my excitement as we dive into the exciting world of technology that will bring you one step closer to your answers and solutions.