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Hi there, My names Cody, and I run this Blog with my father Willie.  Your here to learn a little bit about me!  Well, let me being.

My name is Cody, and I have been involved with Computers and technology my entire life.  I originally started out playing games like Reader Rabbit, and later moved onto Virtual Pet sites.  Well I played a virtual pet site in particular for quite some time throughout my childhood, and I’ll have to admit, it was A LOT of fun, however eventually it grew old.  At this point in time, I was 14 years old.  I began to have ambitions of starting my own virtual pet site, making money from kids buying upgrades, and just becoming a virtual pet site owner.  I had no clue about servers, programming, or anything, the closest thing to a website I had ever built was a simple drag and drop website.  So through my dads help, I purchased a domain name, and through my Mom and Dads help, I was able to scrape up enough funds for 4 years of hosting, which my parents generously loaned me until I could pay them back.  The hosting setting is what I would now classify as simple, however to my inexperienced mind I considered


it to be the most complex thing I had ever seen.  I quickly went to the only thing I knew how to do, drag and drop.  CPanel had a option of a drag and drop website builder, which I learned how to use, but clearly this is NOT the way to make a complex website using Mysql databases and programmed in PHP.  Nevertheless, my site failed, but not my dreams of becoming a website owner.  I had…grown out of and given up the attempts at my own virtual pet site, but still had ambitions.  I bought the domain, which I still use today as a Microblogging website, however it originally started as a PHPbb forum.

Since then I have purchased a wide variety of different domains and have done a wide variety of different things with them, and I just love web development and technology.

I hope that this helps you get to know me a little bit
better, you can view my fathers bio here (once he posts it)