I have lost all of my wisdom!

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How’s it going guys?  Well this morning, I got my last two wisdom teeth pulled out.  Generally you have four wisdom teeth, however in the month of October 2011, I had already gotten my bottom two pulled out, thus meaning that this time I had t to get my top two pulled.  It’s not the most pleasant experience and unfortunately my 4 day weekend is going to be spent recovering from the surgery.  The good news for this is that it gives me lots of time to work!

Pretty neat huh?  So, in case you are not familiar with getting these teeth pulled, they basically knock you out, and then you wake up really tired and in pain.  Its not fun, but I’d rather suffer in pain for a few days then jack my teeth up, considering I’ve already had to have braces for two years!

Over the course of the next few days, when I am feeling alert and aware I am going to be doing some work on the site.  I am going to get the logo to fit properly, add some facebook integrated comments, as well as a box to the left (by the twitter widget) where you will be able to see our latest FB updates, and adding new plugins to make the blog have more features.  Seeing as I have the time, I will also be doing some HEAVY promoting via twitter, in an attempt to drive more traffic to the site.  Probably tonight, I will be setting up our feedburner feed which will allow you to subscribe to our posts via email as well as your favorite RSS reader.

Thats pretty much it for now guys, I appreciate you reading on whats going on with me.  I have some REALLY good ideas on an article to write and as I keep saying, hopefully my father will get something written!