The awkward first post!

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Hello to you potential reader.  My name is Cody, and here is our blogs first post, which is very awkward because you have no idea who I am, what this blog is, or what you are even doing here.

Well let me answers those questions for you.

Who I am- My name is Cody, or I sometimes go by C.J., I have been involved in different types of technology for a very long time, but my most prominent background is in Web Development (Programming) and scripting.  I run a multitude of sites, ranging from Social Networks, Video sharing websites, to this here blog.

Authors- Not only will I be authoring posts here, but my father will as well, which is a very neat treat!  I don’t want to provide to much background on him, as I believe he  plans to do an introduction post on himself in the future, but he will also be authoring posts for us.   As a…teaser…I will tell you that he specializes in Networking, and computer hardware (Meaning building computers) however he will give you a more descriptive background when he post’s.  He will post around once a week, and I will be posting 1-2 times a week, so there will always be fresh content!  I recommend you bookmark our site until we can get a Feedburner feed established, which I WILL be doing tomorrow .

What this blog is about- Ponies!  Just playing, this blog is dedicated to TECHNOLOGY!  On this blog you will find a wide variety of technology articles simply because the two of us (My dad and myself) specialize in so many different things!  However, to give some examples, you will find articles pertaining, but not limited to: Technology (duh), Hardware, Software, Tutorials for various parts of technology, internet marketing, tips and strategies to earn money online, networking information, Virtual servers & desktops, and so many more topics.  What has been listed is just to name a few.

So, here’s our first official post, I’m proud of myself for getting through it, Expect our next post to be some background information on my father.  I will also be making two pages on the blog, one a Bio of me, and the other of my father.

I am aware of a few bugs, such as the logo not fitting properly in the box, and I will get those taken care of most likely tomorow.