Using “Comments” to market your business, company, or brand.

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The chances are, you have come to a webpage that offers you the chance to add a comment.  Often times, people ignore them, and then often times people abuse them.  However, in today’s post, I am going to be showing you how to properly use them, in a way that will generate traffic to your specified destination.  The 2 main types of comments I am going to be focusing on in this post are Youtube comments, and Blog comments, simply because that is what I am most familiar with.  First, I am going to start with Youtube comments.  Now, with these you want necessarily be able to drive direct traffic to your site, however you may manage to indirectly get people to visit your page.  So, lets say that the most trending video in all of the world right now is a video of a pony dancing.  Now, here’s the good thing.  Your comment, and the video, don’t need to have anything in common in order to drive traffic to your channel/site.  A lot of times, you will see individuals posting for people to check out there channel.  Honestly, you may get 1-2 clicks, out of the potential 100′s that you could gather.  You will also often times see people post advertisements in the comments, and then get 50 or so “Thumbs Up” votes, in order for it to appear first.  THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA, as it will make your ad, and business seem…cheap and spam like.  Always go for the real deal when it comes to marketing online.  What YOU can do, is post comments that are short, easy to read, and make sense.  Use proper grammar as well.  If you write a comment that’s good enough, it WILL get votes, which will lead to people checking out your channel (Videos) and then in turn checking out your website.  Remember, legit comments work better then “Plz plz plz check out my videos and website!”

Now for blog comments.  Blog commenting is a great way to bring in not only customers/readers/traffic but to generate backlinks!  If you stumble across a

blog about cooking, and your company or blog happens to be about cooking as well, leave a comment on their posts!  Don’t be spam-like in the comments either.  Say in the comments “I really enjoyed your blog, and your article about (Insert article name here)”  By saying the name of the article, you show the other

blog owner that you are not a spam bot.  Also, the key rule, include a link back to your site in the comment, just simply say “Check my blog out!” and not only will people clink the link, but you will get a backlink. Which I will teach you more

about in future posts”

I hope these tips have helped you!  If you have any questions or need points of clarification, just leave a comment!