5 tips to increase your Youtube success!

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So today for you I have a post with 5 tips regarding how to increase your Youtube success.  Now Youtube success is not just the amount of subscribers you have, but your friends, views, and your average likes, comments, and favorites.

Now you may be wondering how Youtube success is related to technology.  Well, the truth is, if you want to have success marketing your business, product etc. you need to use other forms of social media outside of Facebook and Twitter.  Youtube is the third most visited site in the world according to Alexa, Facebook being the 2nd and Google being the 1st.  While you may be wondering how can youtube bring me more hits, and customers the answer is quite simple.  Now before I give you the 5 tips, here is a couple of scenarios in which Youtube can help you to grow your business.

Scenario One-  You are a small business located…in San Francisco, you are a small restaurant, and you are looking to get more customers.  You already have the Twitter and Facebook logos placed in your store windows asking people to like and follow you, but why not add a Youtube sticker asking people to subscribe to you.

As a restaurant what type of videos can you do?  Well, its really limited to your imagination.  Here are a couple of examples I thought of.

1. Do a vlog!  A vlog=video blog.  A vlog is basically a video showing you, talking about something.  For some topic ideas, you could explain what your business is about, talk about a special deal you are having, or ask your customers a question.  Another idea is if you have a restaurant, maybe make a video with some recipes, and perhaps showing you prepare them.  This would give your customers a behind the scene look at your food, and give them ways to try it at home!

Important Note-Keep in mind that just because someone subscribes, It does not mean that they are a customer.  This person could subscribe simply because they thought your videos were funny, or informational.

Scenario Two- Now lets say that you run a corporation.  You can use many of the tips listed in Scenario one, to help market your product or company.  Vlogs are a great way to get others surrounded in your company, and tell them what its about, while still being entertaining.  Also, coming up with your own ideas not only feels more rewarding, but makes your company/brand/business stand out from the crowd.


The 5 tips

1.  Do not do Sub for Sub websites.  S4S websites, are websites where you subscribe to someones channel, and in turn they will subscribe back to you.  Over half of  the people doing these ,are not subscribing to you with real accounts!  They simply create an account to do nothing but Sub for Subs.

2. Add people as friends.  To me, 1 Friend=1 Subscriber, doing the math, this can add up.  Why do friends=subscribers you may ask?  Well friends see whenever you upload a new video, just like what a subscriber see’s!  If you have 20,000 friends, that’s 20k potential customers!
There are a lot of programs that automate the task of adding friends.  I prefer and recommend Tube Blaster Pro.   In the future I may do an article about this program specifically, but for now I will just give you a run down.  It automates the task of adding friends and sending messages, and it does this for a reasonable price.  Its a very good marketing tool, and I highly recommend it!

3.  Use keywords in your videos!  A lot of people either are to lazy to, or do not know what keywords are!  By adding keywords to your video it makes it 90 percent easier for someone to find your video, which means you have a 90 percent increase of someone finding your product/company!  If you video is a vlog about your daily deals, include tags such as “Daily deals, (insert company name here) daily deals, our specials,” these are just a few poor examples, but you can basically put tags regarding what your video is about.

4. Make your videos entertaining!  Add humor into them, to make people who may not be able to use your company, still want to watch your videos.  If your videos become popular, you can even earn some extra $ by monetizing them with Google Adsense!

5. Lastly, don’t beg for subscribers/friends/viewers, ask for them.  If you send messages begging people to subscribe, people will click ignore, delete.  Ask politely.  People will take much more kindly to a friendly question, then an obnoxious beggar.  Plus, begging will not give your business a very good image.

I hope that my list of tips has helped you, and I hope to hear from you guys via comments.

If you have something to add, or a question, just leave a comment.  I will get back to all of those.