Tommy Jordan: What we can learn from him

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Many of you may now recognize the name Tommy Jordan as the man who taught his daughter a valuable lesson about what she should, and should not post online.  However, instead of reporting to you the story which you have probably heard a billion times, I’m going to discuss with you what we can learn (From a Tech perspective) of this man.  First off, we know this mans not dumb.  He stated himself he has a background in I.T. (Information technology).  This can right off the bat tell us something.  Second, he promoted his PERSONAL facebook page inside the video, as opposed to a fan page.  Now some may argue that he did this by accident, simply trying to show the original post that he made about the video.  Now, personally, as opposed to this hero dad the world is seeing him as, I think of him as a marketing genius, and that’s what we are going to be looking at in this post.  But before you read on, if you havent seen the video, take a look-

Now, I am not going to run the risk of saying that the video is fake, because who can really know, however, I think his actions AFTER the video, do show some what of an internet marketing strategy.  First off, as I said above, he gave out his PERSONAL facebook profile, not a fan page.  Second, look at his posts!  There not personal at all, in fact today he stated that we was going to start promoting things again like “he used to”

And I quote

“I’ve spent the last four or five days being careful NOT to do exactly what I usually get on Facebook JUST to do:
-Promote my business
-Promote my wife’s business
-Promote other businesses I support.
-Promote my book
-Share stupid photos
-Promote charity fund raisers when I can.
-Post stuff that attracts more clients
-Post stuff that I find funny.
-Post stuff that makes me angry.
-Post stuff at 2 AM because I can’t sleep.

In a couple of days, whether the world at large has moved on or not, I’m going to.. and we’re going to. I’m going to plug Twisted Networx like I’ve been plugging it for the last five years on Facebook. I’m gonna share funny pictures of my kids and my dog (though I guess I have to be a lot more careful what I post now I suppose).”

So, he is straight up telling people he is going to start promoting himself, and his business.  Which I have no problem at all with, in fact I’m jealous of the fact that as soon as he posts a link, the sites servers shut down!  But in the end, the tale of Tommy Jordan is not about parenting, its about MARKETING, when one does a little research, you can find that M.r. Tommy is a Author…Hmm..I’m sure no author would reject such public attention.


For the record, I, (Cody) am not going to take any stance on the matter of whether or not this whole saga is real or fake, however, what I will comment on is the fact that this man is definitely using his sudden fame, to market himself, and “his friends” websites, and business’s, which like I said, there is nothing wrong with.

In the end, it is up for you to decide if you think the video is real or fake, but what stands true is the fact that M.r. Tommy Jordan, is a marketing genius.

Please leave your thoughts on this post, and the whole matter below!