The Zetronix zDrive-HDi review

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Hello everyone, Cody from Worlds Tech Blog here, and today I am very excited to be reviewing the Zetronix ZDrive-HDi!   For those of you who are not aware, Zetronix is a great company based out of Boston MA, specializing in Cameras and Spy equipment of all sorts.  Whether its your basic dash cam like what I will be reviewing today or your secret camera in an alarm clock, Zetronix has it all!

Lets jump into the review!  Upon ordering the Zetronix ZDrive-HDi you will receive-
- The ZDrive-HDi
-Auto Charger
-USB Cable
-Suction Cup Mount
-And a 1 year guarantee

Now right off the bat upon unboxing the ZDrive I loved how simple it was to use.  There really was not much of a learning curve, and if there was it was very minimal...