Ragnarok Online 2 makes it to Steam

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There’s a saucily dressed priestess in all of us, as I like to say. She’s probably wearing a hat shaped like a cat. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because, like pretty much every gamer on the planet, you have a history with the adorable manga-esque Ragnarok Online. Most of us have thoroughly abandoned the fantasy MMO’s grindfest for good, but maybe the new sequel, now headed to Steam, will pique your nostalgia-fuddled interest.

Ragnarok Online 2 follows on from its decade-old predecessor, offering a recognizable world that—finally—is rendered in full 3D. Based on from what we’ve seen in the beta, there’s a hell of a lot less mindless grinding this time, though the questing system looks so streamlined that I wonder if we’ll run into the opposite problem of leveling simply bei...