Why the creator of GTA and the lead designer of Diablo II are making a Facebook game together

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The enormous careers of Dave Jones (Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto, Crackdown, APB) and Stieg Hedlund (Diablo, Diablo II, Ghost Recon), are intersecting in ChronoBlade, an action-RPG published on Facebook. I visited Jones and Hedlund at their studio in San Francisco to talk about what brought them together, their thoughts on the value of independence, and the changing role of publishers in the game industry.


Stieg Hedlund (middle) and Dave Jones (right) with two coworkers at nWay in San Francisco.

PCG: You’re veteran PC game developers. What’s interesting to you guys about Facebook as a platform?

Dave Jones: We’ve worked on many kinds of games across many genres, many platforms, many markets...