Dragon Age Inquisition preview: fortresses, friendship and the Fade in BioWare’s open world

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After a long period of relative silence, information is finally creeping out about the shape and state of BioWare’s next major RPG. I saw Dragon Age Inquistion at an EA event in London earlier in the week, the same information that will have – as of the time this goes live – just been revealed at PAX. Here’s a rundown of my first impressions of the game – which, although it’s more than a year from release, is looking far more fleshed out than I expected.

Plot and companions

Inquisition is set a few years after the events of the two previous games. The world is in the middle of several wars – civil war in Orlais, and the ongoing conflict between the mages and Templars – that are snowballing into one another: kind of like a fantasy World War I...